Frequently Asked Questions

In 3-5 business days after the order is placed. Once shipped it generally takes 2-6 business days in transit via USPS with tracking. Upgraded 2-day FedEx shipping is available.

They have the same exact ingredients; the only difference is that the cream includes beeswax and is whipped to give it the creamy consistency.

You can use both together, however, we recommend using the oil immediately after showering when your pores are open, then use the cream during the other daily application.

No, we do not.  Everyone’s body type and skin elasticity are different from the other.  We have some customers who literally see results after one day while others it takes 3 months of use to see results.  We recommend using our products for 60 – 90 days to allow it enough time to work.  Also, it depends on the individual, what you may think are results someone else may not.  It is completely subjective in all but the most obvious cases.

Immediately following a shower when your pores are open.

The THICK gel is best for making hand sanitizer, the THIN is best for use in a sanitizing spray.

Yes, either or both works well to reduce visible stretch marks.

Lots of people have good results. The reviews are there for you to read. We would not sell a product that we did not believe in or did not think would work. Everyone is different and has differing skin types. What works for some may not work for others. What one person may see as results another may not. It is completely based on the individual.

Yes, we have a minimum order of 500 units to receive wholesale pricing.  Private label is also available.

Yes, we have had several customers with decades old stretch marks use our product and say it worked great.  However, the younger the stretch marks the better chance you have at reducing the visibility of them when using our product.  Kinda like wrinkles, it is easier to get rid of them when you are younger than when you are older.

The product will work fine without; however, we have had a multitude of customers tell us the product works great in combination with a derma-roller or waistband.

Yes, you may use the cream on your face, arms, legs, butt, breast, etc. Many of our customers do that and see great results. However, we do make specific creams formulated for the face, butt, and breast areas. Really the choice is yours.

Every customer is different. It depends on your size and the number of areas you want to treat. A size 12 customer who wants to treat their tummy, butt, and arms will take more than a size 4 customer who wants to only treat their neck. I am 5’3” and over 8 weeks treated my tummy, arms, and butt. I used two 16 oz jars of the Cellulite and Skin Tightening “Tummy Tuck” Cream during that time. Please understand the 8-12 week protocol is vitally important to adhere too. You must be committed to achieve the results you want. Bad diet, childbirth, DNA, etc. have contributed to years’ worth of change to our bodies. Many people expect results immediately and get mad when they do not see results after a week or two. This is commitment, apply properly and for the recommended length of time and you will be amazed at how our product will help bring back your youthful skin.

 The cream/oil will help tighten the skin, but if you have loose sagging skin medical intervention is probably the only method to remove that.

Yes, may of our customers report success within days to a few weeks. Please read through our reviews there are many examples of this. However, our protocol was based on 8-12 weeks of continuous twice daily usage.

Yes, the results will stay.  But know if your body changes, the results will also change with your body.